Arduino Bluetooth RC Car: Part 3

Step 3: Wiring

The first step is to plug in all 3 GND’s of the H-Bridge’s breakout to the Arduino’s GND (you may want to try the power rails).

The power rails are extremely hard to use. Inserting the wire sideways sometimes helps.

Next, solder the red wires to the top motor terminal of each motor and solder the black wires to the other terminal. Looking at the chassis so that the third wheel is on top, the left motor will from now on be referred to as MOTORA, and the one on the right as MOTORB. Connect both motors to their respective pins on the breakout so that the red wires of both motors are closest to the two ground pins in between the motor pins. Connect to the Arduino as shown:

AIN1 7
AIN2 6
BIN1 8
BIN2 9

Connect Vcc to 5V and connect the GND and Vmotor- pin (on the side) to GND. Connect the Vmotor+ pin (also on the side) to the battery pack’s positive wire (or, to make things simpler, to the breadboard column connecting it to Vin).

Plug in the Bluefruit to the breadboard. Wire it as shown:

SCK 13
CS 10

Also connect Vin to 5V and GND to GND. I am working on software for a GPIO expander, specifically the MCP23S18, so in the meantime, I just plugged it into the breadboard and connected it the same way as the Bluefruit (with a CS of 4 and no IRQ). There is no need to do this step – it will just save you some ports for a later time (but I still need to work on the software).

And that’s all for the wiring. In the next step, you will start working on the Arduino software.

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